Đăng bởi: caohocykhoa | Tháng Tư 12, 2012

Closing speech (Bế mạc)

>>> Bản tiếng Việt

Ladies and Gentlemen

Distinguished Guests

 Our conference has taken one day and a half in the eciting atmosphere looking forward to Hue Festival 2012 , the Year  of North and Central  Coastal Tourism . It has been ou great honor to receive MOH attention , especially Mr Ngo Hoa , Party executive  member and Vice Chairman of Thua Thien Hue Peoples Committee . The conference received more than 450 delegates , and heard 16 out of 17 registered valuable lectures with 6 fromSpain,Japan, Hong Kong , andSingaporefocusing on diagnosis – acute care and prognosis – prevention . The organisers also received 5 overview update reports and 42 science studies in stroke from the North , Central and South ,  prepared by both military and civil authors , in various fields of stroke . 24 questions were raised , hotly discussed and debated , further enlightening us in diagnosis , emergency care , prognosis and prevention of this dangerous disease.

 Ladies and gentlemen

 None other than the distinguished guests and delegates across the country and international speakers have made our event an extraordinary success

 Once again the organisers would like to thank you all . Good health to everybody . Please  do come to the Musical Gala Dinner at 18.00 at Dynasty Restaurant  of Green Hotel and do join in Festival activities 2012

 Thank you so much

 Chief Organiser

 Professor Hoang Khanh

>>> Bản tiếng Việt

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