Đăng bởi: caohocykhoa | Tháng Tư 12, 2012

Opening Speech Of The 3rd National Stroke Congress (Khai mạc)

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Ladies and Gentlemen 

Distinguished  Guests

 As we all know , cerebral vascular accident is an old problem but also a hot topic . The more understanding , the more information still lacking .Its consequences are quite obvious , so what needs to be done to prevent stroke and if it already happens then what efficient intervention should be , to gain back health , the most invaluable asset of  each individual , and to integrate back into community . In order to satisfy those unmet urgent needs , and to acquire stroke insights , we must delve deeper into research on its various aspects . This scientific conference framework is an opportunity to gather science studies , both traditional and modern medicine , delivered by professors , doctors , civilian and army healthcare providers …  from all over the country as well as  international experts and specialists in stroke . This is a good chance to exchange , study and share valuable experience in stroke and to visit  and seeHuewith  her 2 world heritage jewels , both tangible and intangible , a festival city inVietnam

  It is our great honour to receive the congratulations from Professor Bo Norrving , President of World Stroke Society , from Professor Le Duc Hinh , President of VN Neurology Society . VNSA highly appreciates great contribution of Professor Bo Norrving and Professor Michael Brainin in the Education Committe of WSS who have worked together with Vietnamese experts to successfully deliver the Stroke Diagnosis and management update program in all cities and provinces nationwide thanks to the generous support of EBEWE Company which is now  Ever  NeuroPharma VN headed by PhD. Le Hong Anh

 The 3rd National Stroke Congress in Hue could not take place without the highly appreciated permission from Ministry of Health , Thua Thien Hue Peoples Committee  , and relevant local authorities , Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy , Hue Central Hospital , Medicine in Practice Journal ,Thua Thien Hue Printing Service Company , the Green Hotel , Dr Dang Tuan Anh as the interpreter , mass media , Hue Institute of Music , Hoa Binh event organizer , Hai Van and in particular the great contribution from pharmaceutical companies to the conference. Sincere gratitude goes to those silent companions behind the scene , always sharing and willing to work for the excellence

 There might be some unavoidable mistakes in organisation , so please give us timely feedback and constructive criticism to make this 3rd conference a huge success and to implement the remarks from the World Stroke Society President Bo Norrving  ” What you do will transform into real benefit for patients and for carers”.

 With that in mind, on behalf of the organisers , I officially open the 3rd National Stroke Congress 2012

 Good health  happinessnd success to you all

 Chief Organiser

 Professor Hoang Khanh

>>> Bản tiếng Việt

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